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Windborne Productions

Windborne Productions is a seasoned team of accomplished film and video professionals committed to creating outstanding television and film productions that speak to the mind, heart and spirit.

With more than 50 documentaries and hundreds of hours of human affairs, information and dramatic programming to its credit, Windborne excels at telling remarkable and compelling stories that reflect the rich palette of human experience.

Windborne partners with production companies in Canada, the USA, the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand. Our programming is commissioned both here in Canada as well as Internationally and our productions are distributed worldwide.

Windborne brings together a seasoned team of accomplished film and television professionals committed to creating outstanding productions.

Karen Pascal

As Founder and President of Windborne Productions and Tricord Pictures, Pascal has been creating innovative and acclaimed film and video programming for the past three decades. Her passion for freshness, originality, and unmatched visual style is coupled with her love of good old fashion storytelling. Undergirding the more than 300 productions she has produced for broadcast in Canada and internationally, is an unswerving commitment to create films that will inform, inspire, and empower.

Ms. Pascal has been the recipient of the Leading Women Award in the category of Communications and Media at the National Leadership Conference for Women

Producer | Director | Writer

With a unique and extensive background in the visual arts, Karen Pascal has written, directed and produced numerous award-winning television productions. Her palette is visual media and with it she engages audiences in the language of the heart.

Documentary highlights… In 2011, Pascal’s 4-part documentary-meets-reality series Journey to Christmas, commissioned by CTS and APTN and distributed by Tricord Media, premiered in Canada. In 2012, Pascal was commissioned to write and direct three one-hour films for the CTS documentary series Canada – Heart & Soul. The first of these premiered in June of 2012 – In Search of Canada. In November, Made in Canada premiered and the final documentary, The Sky is Not the Limit – the Chris Hadfield Story premiered March, 2013.

Pascal’s award-winning docudrama C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia (directed by Norman Stone and starring Anton Rodgers and Diane Venora) explored the life of C.S. Lewis, one of the most influential Christian thinkers and writers of the 20th Century. In the documentary – Belonging, Pascal focused on the contribution of Jean Vanier - a true spiritual leader of the 20th Century. And in Journey of the Heart – the Life of Henri Nouwen, she told the moving story of a beloved, yet restless ‘wounded healer’ – Henri Nouwen.

Feature Films… Currently, Karen Pascal has several feature films in development (Little Faith, The Heaven Shop, Twyla & Gracie, I Love You Darryl Sittler, Fields of Honour – the Eric Liddell Story, and The Used). Building on Windborne’s 30 years of success in broadcast production, the company is developing a strong slate of feature films and MOWs – stories that must be told! The first on the list is Fields Of Honour - a riveting action-drama biopic on Olympic hero Eric Liddell’s life and work in war-torn China. Partnering with Ralph Winter and Terry Botwick , this feature is being penned by Lawrence Mirkin, Murray Watts and David Williamson.

In partnership with Fraser and Christopher Clark of Covenant Filmworks, Pascal is co-producing Little Faith – a feature film set in New Zealand. This powerful human drama unfolds amidst the crisis of a family dealing with their child’s severe disability. In the face of adversity, the family’s determination and unabashed optimism reveals hope within what most would see as a hopeless situation.

In the final stages of development with partner Jim Van Dijk is a feature film based on Deborah Ellis’ award-winning novel “The Heaven Shop”. Co-producing with Boomtown Pictures in South Africa, this family feature is slated for production in March 2014 with director Bruce MacDonald.

In development… Pascal continues to develop powerful and provocative documentary projects. One project that has already gained international commitments at the development stage is The Smiling Pirate. Pascal has teamed up with director Kaizer Matsumunyane from Lesotho to create a feature length documentary which explores the poignant story of Muse, the young Somali who was captured and brought to America to stand trial for piracy and terrorism. The Smiling Pirate becomes a window into the many issues that converge in the failed state of Somalia today.

In Autism – Hannah’s Journey, Pascal returns to complete a story begun 15 years ago with the award-winning documentary Behind the Glass Door – Hannah’s Story. This film chronicled the first six years of life for a young girl and her family as they faced her diagnosis of severe autism. Now Hannah is 21 years old. She has graduated from high school and is facing the challenge of where can she fit and contribute to society. This is a strong POV documentary that will champion Hannah’s cause through the determined efforts of her mother Karen. The original documentary has been used in schools around the world to teach people about autism. At last we can return to the story and find out what happened to Hannah and her family. This is a feature length documentary in development.

For Karen Pascal, the choices she makes as a filmmaker are birthed from a vision to use her passion for storytelling to create films that will inform, inspire, and empower. Her company Windborne Productions continues to develop and produce projects that are distributed in Canada and around the world.

Filmography Highlights

Autism – Hannah’s Journey (Producer, Writer, Director)

A feature length POV documentary telling the story of Hannah Shepherd from her diagnosis at 18 months to age 21. Like so many families, the impact of severe disability was both demanding and destructive. This story is a triumph of compassion documenting the sheer determination it takes for a parent to get help and support for their autistic children. In Development.

The Sky is Not the Limit (Director, Writer)

An intimate portrait of Chris Hadfield, a Canadian Astronaut who will Command the International Space Station in March 2013. Shot on location at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. 60:00 Premiered March 2013 on CTS. Distributor: Tricord Media Inc.

Made in Canada (Director, Writer)

This documentary weaves together the stories of Measha Brueggergosman - Opera Singer, Cindy Klassen - Olympic Speed Skater, and Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese,- Founder and Director of Save the Mothers. Born in Canada and rooted in its values and traditions, each one, with their exceptional talents and vision have made a mark on the international stage. 60:00 CTS , Distributor: Tricord Media Inc. Premiered November 17, 2012.

In Search of Canada (Director, Writer)

This documentary highlights the vibrant history of a nation while uncovering the deep Christian roots from which its values and symbols have sprung. The film spans the long arc of Canada’s development from pre-colonization to the present exploring the stories of the characters whose courage, vision and faith helped to shape Canada. 60:00 CTS, Distributor: Tricord Media Inc.

The Used (Producer)

Set in Lesotho this feature film with a screenplay by Kaizer Matsumunyane, is reminiscent of the woven together tale of the movie CRASH. THE USED is a story set in an unforgiving and hard city. The characters use each other and are used by others. Sometimes the situation of being oppressed distorts the reality of the oppressed and they create themselves in the image of their oppressors. Everyone seeks some sort of power over others because in reality they feel powerless. It is in this world that the ensemble casts exists. – Feature Film in Development.

Fields of Honour – The Eric Liddell Story (Producer)

A feature film based on the life of Eric Liddell set against the background of the massive conflicting forces warring to rule China in the 30’s and 40’s. This epic film demonstrates the refining experiences that shaped an extraordinary life. It is a love story with a land and its people – as well as an intimate love story with the one woman who understood Eric best. It is also a story of faith which takes this remarkable man from Olympic glory to death in a Japanese Internment Camp in China. Writer: Lawrence S. Mirkin, – Feature Film in Development.

Twyla & Gracie (Producer)

When an elderly widow is pressed by the Mob to repay her late-husband’s gambling debts, she has to find a way to come up with the cash. Or else. With her back firmly against the wall, Gracie has no option but to consider the unthinkable. Aided by Twyla, the two septuagenarians take matters into their own hands. Script by William Finlay. MOW in Development.

Little Faith (Producer)

In the face of severe adversity, a family’s determination and optimism reveals hope within what many would see as a hopeless situation. Little Faith is a moving family portrait centered on a severely disabled child and the relentless efforts of her family to help her survive. The story shines light into the darkness, a light that will move hearts and minds, a light that holds the power to change lives. A Co-Production between Covenant Film Works of New Zealand and Windborne Productions. - Feature Film in development.

Journey to Christmas (Producer)

A four part, one-hour documentary series following the journey of five diverse people, as they experience the Holy Land for the first time. Their goal? To discover the meaning of Christmas. Guided by a local scholar and other experts, viewers will see the Christmas story unfold through the eyes of each member on this pilgrimage as they search for answers to their questions about the Nativity account. 4 X 60:00, CTS, APTN, Distributor: Tricord Media Inc.

Journey to Easter (Producer)

Four Part Documentary series to be shot in Israel exploring the historical and biblical roots of the Easter story. Five adventurers on their first trip to the Holy Land, search for answers and understanding guided by a local scholar and experts in archeology, history, law and the Biblical narrative. In development.

Henri Nouwen: Cross Currents Interviews (Producer/Director)

An hour of one-on-one dialogue between Henri Nouwen and Dr. Brian Stiller. Shot on location at L’Arche Daybreak, Canada.

The Smiling Pirate (Producer)

Directed by Kaizer Matsumunyane, this documentary will examines Somali piracy through the life of teenager Abdewale Abdukhadir Muse. In April of 2009, he was one of a band of four who seized the American ship – the Maersk Alabama off the coast of Somalia. Charged with piracy and other crimes, Muse now faces life in prison in the land of his dreams. In development.

Impoverished Places (Producer)

Finalist in the 2011 Reel HeART Film Festival Commissioned by BravoFact! Premiering on BRAVO, this short experimental film blends stunning choreography, an original sound track and animation to tell the story of Judy Hazlett’s battle with Parkinson Disease. Directed by Francois Driessen, Impoverished places has been selected as a finalist in the 2010 Yorkton Film Festival.