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Autism - Hannah's Journey

Hannah’s experience of Autism was first documented in the award-winning film “Behind the Glass Door – Hannah’s Story”. Now, 15 years later, having graduated with a full diploma from High School, Hannah has landed her first part-time job.

In the documentary Hannah’s Journey, we explore what is next for this autistic, educated, creative and uniquely-abled adult. It is a question parents of Autistic children coming into adulthood must wrestle with. The audience will journey with Hannah and her mother to find what kind of inclusive work, community and home can be found for her.  From a child who screamed incessantly, seeming almost tormented for the first five years of her life, to the young woman she is today is an incredible journey and a story that must be told.

Journey to Easter

What do history and archeology have to say about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus?  In this two-part documentary series produced by Windborne Productions in association with Tricord Media, we travel to Israel with our own mini ‘CSI’ team to investigate the last few weeks of the life of Christ.

As the 21st Century meets the 1st Century, each participant, in a hunt for the truth about Easter, views the facts through their own unique lens of skills and study. Along with experts, they wrestle through their questions to discover if what happened to Jesus is more than just well-honed myth. 


The Passover

This two-part documentary looks at the first Passover and the Passover of generations.  It echoes the question “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Pesach - the Jewish Feast of Unleavened Bread, has been celebrated for thousands of years by Jews - first in Egypt, then in Jerusalem and then, with the diaspora of the Jews, it became a ceremony of remembrance carried to the far corners of the earth.

This two-part documentary series will be shot on location in Egypt and Israel. Five eager explorers with varied areas of expertise will be our team of “seekers” on a search for answers.  The Passover will look at the story and symbols behind the feast that is celebrated each year by both religious and secular Jews.

Liar Liar

Liar, Liar is an amusing yet profound exploration of the power of deception in modern society and our intuitive yearning for something better. It unmasks our acceptance, even our dependency, on half-truths, exaggerations and outright lies.

With commentary and insight from philosophers, scientists, theologians and a host of other experts - as well as an interesting cross section of ordinary liars... er people - Liar, Liar spills the beans on our addiction to untruths.

The Evolution of the Blues

A Factor Project with Director - Joel Goldberg (left) and Jack de Keyzer (centre) and Producer, Karen Pascal (right).
"The Evolution of the Blues" will be hosted by Jack de Keyzer.

Jack de Keyzer recordings have garnered 2 Juno wins, 7 Maple Blues awards, an international songwriting first place award and numerous Juno and Maple Blues nominations in every category from best album to entertainer to guitar player of the year. Jack has been called "The finest blues guitarist in Canada".