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The Heaven Shop

Meet Binti Phiri.  You'll never forget her.  She is a 13 year old that loses both her ‘radio star’ status and her father to AIDS – on the same day.  Binti’s courage and spirit help her journey from a life of privilege to a life of purpose.

Based on the groundbreaking novel of the same name, THE HEAVEN SHOP is WHALE RIDER meets RABBIT PROOF FENCE. With an uncompromising intensity, Deborah Ellis demonstrates why she is a Governor General award-winning writer as she adapts her own powerful novel for the screen.

Little Faith

Love and anger rage side by side in this complex story of one family's struggle to save their severely disabled daughter. Passionate parents search for creative life-giving practical solutions. A thin thread of hope, nurtured by faith is their lifeline as they confront the harsh reality of seeing their child's life slip away.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand, this feature film by Chris and Fraser Clark is a Co-production between Windborne Productions and Covenant FilmWorks. In Development / Production January 2014.


Fields of Honour

In 1924, a young Scotsman, born in China, flashes across an Olympic starting line ... throws his heart into a race he has never trained for ... and steps into the realm of legend. This golden moment-in-time captivated and inspired millions in the Academy Award winning film, Chariots of Fire, but that was just the beginning of Eric Liddell’s journey.

Following his stunning quest for Olympic gold, Eric returns to Scotland a triumphant hero, but his heart and sights are set on China. His love for the Chinese people leads him back to this land of his birth. Set against the background of the massive conflicting forces
 warring to rule China in the 30’s and 40’s, this epic film demonstrates the refining experiences that shaped an extraordinary life. It is a love story with a land and its people – as well as an intimate love story with the one woman who understood Eric best. It is also a story of faith that takes this remarkable man from Olympic glory to death in a Japanese Internment Camp in China.